Gerry Starnes

Wolves In The Woods: Breaking the Cycle of Fear

Wolves In The Woods is a 7-day workshop addressing the issue of Fear, how it can stop you, and what you can do to break the Cycle of Fear.

Gerry Starnes

Dreaming Destiny

You will leave this course with a powerful, practical understanding about how and why you have created your life experiences, the riches, and wisdom available to you right now, as your dream unfolds, and how to access all you long for and need.

Gerry Starnes
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Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity (Part One)

The first module of the Spirit Paths program focuses primarily on the structure and proper use of consciousness and awareness. It covers the first three chapters of the book.

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Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity (Full Program)

Kim Hiles

The Soulmate's Path

In this class we will explore The Soulmate's Path. Whether you are desiring a relationship, wanting to rekindle what you have, or you are just confused, Kim will walk with you in helping to guide you in creating your love story.


Creating Your Shamanic Practice (Full Program)