Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

Gerry Starnes is the founder and senior instructor of the Shamanic Passages Institute. Gerry is an expert shamanic teacher and practitioner. After spending the last 30 years presenting live classes and workshops around a variety of shamanic traditions AND authoring the award-winning book, Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticityhe's refocused on what he loves the most: helping as many people as possible deepen their shamanic practice.

You'll find his approach to deepening your practice to be authentic and attainable. Based in Austin, Texas, he's now extended his teaching reach worldwide through online courses. Always fun and engaging, Gerry utilizes a variety of publications, videos, and CDs to help people find their passion and to connect with Spirit for guidance in living it in their everyday lives and relationships.

If you've never participated in one of Gerry's live workshops, you'll want to start here, Shamanic Passages. You'll find many educational and informative videos that are a great introduction to Gerry and his presentation style.


If reading is more your thing, you might like to check out one of his four most popular books:
Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity (print, eBook, audio editions)
The Shamanic Journey: A Beginner's Guide to Journeying (eBook, audio editions)
Power Animals: The Role of Spirit Guides In the Shamanic Journey (eBook, audio editions)
Conversations Within: Journal Writing and Internal Dialog (eBook)

Audio CDs and MP3s

Maybe you're an audio fan? Gerry has you covered there too.

Journey to the Lower World with Drums and Didjeridoo  (CD and digital)
Gerry Starnes, Steve Daniel, Bill Woodburn

Voyages (CD and digital)
Gerry Starnes, Steve Daniel

Transitions: Sound Journeys for Conscious Evolution (CD and digital)
Gerry Starnes, Melissa Grogan

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Take a look around and email Gerry to let him know what you think.