Shamanic Practice in Everyday Life

An Authentic, Heart-Centered Way of Being In The World

Gerry Starnes

Tools For Your Journey

Free tools for members of the Shamanic Passages Institute! You can access these tools as long as you remain enrolled.

Gerry Starnes

The Shamanic Journey

The journey is an accessible and powerful way to engage directly with wisdom through working with teachers and guides, such as animal spirits... a doorway to the Spirit World.

Gerry Starnes

Shamanic Journeying 1.0

Designed for those new to the shamanic journey, Journeying 1.0 is the perfect place to begin to learn the practice.

Gerry Starnes
6 Payments of $10 per month

Creating Your Shamanic Practice Part 1 (Foundations)

This 6 month course of weekly lessons is great for those new to shamanism. Begin with the basics and build your shamanic practice in everyday life.

Gerry Starnes
6 Monthly Payments of $10

Creating Your Shamanic Practice Part 2

This 6-month course of weekly lessons is great for those relatively new to shamanic practice, but with knowledge of the fundamentals.

Gerry Starnes

Creating Your Shamanic Practice (Self-Paced)

NEW! Access a wealth of information about contemporary shamanic practices you can use every day to mold your life into more of what you want and less of what you don't. Based on 12 months of weekly lessons, but go at your own pace!