Course Description

Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity
Online Module Two

The second part of the Spirit Paths program builds on knowledge and practices learned in Module One, and expands into the broader arenas of life and relationships.

It covers the last three chapters of the book:

  • Buffalo: The Path of the Soul
  • Tribe: The Path of Community
  • Eagle: The Path of Spirit

The Buffalo chapter addresses past and future: what you bring forward from your ancestry, and what you project forward into the future that you want to create. It leads to deep healing of your ancestry, including ancestral wounds and curses. It also allows the opportunity to find new allies and teachers among the people in your lineage.

Buffalo explores how you can powerfully address your future by engaging the guidance Spirit to help you create your Destiny. Beginning with this work, you begin to abandon the dictates of Fate.

Tribe is about relationships and community. As you change, you will inevitably find that current relationships get challenged. Not everyone will like who you are becoming; not everyone will be helpful in your future. The questions become: "How will I find new relationships? How do I find or create authentic community?" This chapter will offer both answers and hope.

In the end, you will find the desire to expand yourself even further. Living from your authenticity, you will inevitably desire one of the three basic human needs: The need to feel useful, to give back. Eagle flies at great height and its perspective spans both past and future. From that perspective, you will learn to give back, to heal the world, with power and grace.

In the end of this module you will have acquired new skills that you can use every day to change the direction and trajectory of your life. You will have discovered new ways to heal yourself and your relationships. And you will have access to ways to be fully useful to the world at large.

You will be positioned to begin to answer the key questions of the program:

What do you REALLY want?
Who do you want to be when you die?

In so doing, you will be well on your way to becoming a Spiritual Elder for your community and your world.

Senior Instructor Gerry Starnes

Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., is an Austin, Texas area teacher, facilitator, and shamanic practitioner. He is the author of the award-winning book, "Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity", and many other spirit-oriented publications. A light-hearted and engaging speaker, Gerry has offered workshops and presentation for more than 20 years. In 2003, he established the first shamanic journey circle in Austin, which still continues weekly. He created the six-month immersive Spirit Paths program, the basis for the book. He also has created more than 50 videos on shamanic topics, hosted in the Shamanic Passages YouTube channel, which has more than 10K subscribers.

Course curriculum

    1. Week Ten: Time and Ancestry

    2. Practices: Week Ten

    3. The Ancestor Journey (Bonus Video)

    4. Week Eleven: Your Dream of Power and Creating Your Future

    5. Practices: Week Eleven

    6. Practices: Week Twelve

    1. Week Thirteen: Personal Relationships, Basic Human Needs

    2. Practices: Week Thirteen

    3. Week Fourteen: Long Term Relationships

    4. Practices: Week Fourteen

    5. Week Fifteen: Authentic Community and Synergy

    6. Practices: Week Fifteen

    1. Week Sixteen: Eagle Perspective and Time

    2. Practices: Week Sixteen

    3. Week Seventeen: Human Evolution and Ho'oponopono

    4. Practices: Week Seventeen

    5. Week Eighteen: Life Is A Dream, Spiritual Eldership

    6. Practices: Week Eighteen

    1. Epilog

    2. The Journey Continues

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