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In this course Living for the Soul, Kim takes many themes from her book, PE for the Soul, with the focus on creating the life of your dreams and living an authentic life. If you feel that your life is stagnant and you are just going through the motions, this course may help jump start you on your way.

Kim Hiles

Kim Hiles

Author, Blogger, Teacher

Kim is the Author of PE for the Soul, her memoir, which focuses on her journey in overcoming addiction, commitment/intimacy issues, severe anxiety and depression to name a few. Described as a "sensitive," Kim can see what is going on under the layers and behind our masks.

Kim has been doing energy work for over 20 years, helping others gain clarity, understanding, healing and purpose. She is a certified Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. 

In addition, for over 12 years, Kim has extensive experience and training as a Behavior Specialist, Mediator and Teacher. She is certified in Physical Education and Special Education and is endorsed as a Behavioral Specialist/Mediator through the Education Service Center Region 13. In addition Kim is trained in Restorative Practices/justice. Kim has conducted workshops and training on interpersonal relationships, social, emotional learning, parenting, teaching training and has consulted as needed.

Kim loves to write and to speak about important topics. Kim was also a cable show host of "The Spiritual Experience" in Massachusetts and was presenter at the Austin School Garden Network Conference, "Cultivating Wellness."

Kim is happily married (22 years) and enjoys spending time with her husband, son and animal companions.

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